Who were your favorite bizarrely-dressed rap associates in 2009?


“Sweet levitating Christ, What is this?” you wondered all of 2009, as you reflected upon that faraway time when we questioned Puff Daddy and his crew of Shiny Suit Warriors. Good times, those. But no more. Recent months have given way to a new strain of atrociously dandy fashion choices within Hip-Hop. You have here Lil’ Wayne and his Smedium Money crew, who like to sing in auto-tune and laugh at their own jokes. Then there’s Kanye West and his merry band of Mariannes, who all made a big colorful statement early this year at Paris Fashion Week, and that statement was “Beat me up.” Fashion is all about standing out from the rest of us common folks, declaring to the world that you are cooler-than-thou and therefore confident enough to look like a complete asshole and suffer no repercussions which, of course, is the true essence of Hip-Hop–simply not giving a fuck.