My 21 Favorite Songs Of 2009

I’m ambivalent about “Top” lists because people rarely make the distinction between declaring something a “favorite” versus saying it’s “the best.” So I’m going to make the difference clear from the outset to avoid any confusion, since poor comprehension is just as bad as illiteracy: I’m not saying these songs are the best of the year, they are simply songs that I played over and over again and/or that resonated with me the most. If my favorite Kool-Aid is Purplesaurus Rex, it does me no good when someone says it “should” be strawberry. That’s their business.

So here’s my list, in no particular order with handy links since this is what I spent a good two hours doing today. Enjoy!

  1. ERIC ROBERSON FT. WES FELTON: “The Hunger” (Music Fan First) {}*
  2. TORTURED SOUL: “Did You Miss Me” (Did You Miss Me) {}
  3. FULL CRATE & MAR: “80’s Sugar” {}
  4. JADAKISS FT. PHARRELL: “Stress Ya” (The Last Kiss) {}
  5. LEON KING: “Remedy” (The Digital Church) {}
  6. LEONARD DSTROY FT. REGGIE B: “Heartbeat” (Game Over) {}*
  7. MARC MAC FT. PHONTE: “Take A Trip” (In Between The Lines) {}
  8. MAXWELL: “Bad Habits” (BLACKsummersnight) {}
  9. MOS DEF FT. GEORGIA ANNE MULDROW: “Roses” (The Ecstatic) {}
  10. NICOLAY FT. CARLITTA DURAND: “Wake Up In Another Life” (City Lights 2: Shibuya) {}*
  11. RYAN LESLIE: “You’re Not My Girl” (Transition) {}
  12. JANET JACKSON: “Make Me” (Number Ones) {}
  13. CAMP LO: “Boogie Nights” (Another Heist) {}
  14. DE LA SOUL: “La La La” (NBA Live 2010) {}
  15. ZO! FT. PHONTE: “My Flame” (Just Visiting Too) {}
  16. JAY ELECTRONICA: “Exhibit C” {}
  17. SADE: “Solider of Love” (Soldier Of Love) {}**
  18. FULL CRATE & MAR FT. VERSIS: “Flirtwitu” {}
  19. ANTO VITALE FT. TAMARA WELLONS: “Broken Wings” {}*
  20. NICOLAY FT. CARLITTA DURAND: “Saturday Night” (City Lights 2: Shibuya) {}
  21. DOTMATIC: “The City” (The City) {}*

*5 of these songs are designated as my “Top 5″ here.

**Used the word “best” in my blip description which may conflict with my screed at the beginning of this post. Leave me alone.