Chris Brown all but resurrects Jesus in new video.

Imagine being Chris Brown. You have to do quite a bit to endear yourself to the masses all over again, which means lots and lots of special effects. Special effects are good at distracting people, as is Lil’ Wayne. So, it’s fitting that Chris Brown’s new song and video “Transform Ya” employs a motif from one of the loudest, most obnoxious, pandering film franchises in recent memory, movies so visually stunning that you suddenly forget that you have been hoodwinked because of all the pretty colors and sparklies. Such is the trajectory of Chris Brown’s career.


Congratulations, Amy Winehouse, on your new tiddies.

wineorbsDo you see these things right here to the right? These round, generous appendages belong to Amy Winehouse, who is not known for having anything round or generous. I don’t presume to know how she came upon these although the first assumption would be surgery. But who knows? There are a number of ways an individual can gain weight in one place. So yeah, surgery. I just thought I would do my part in pointing this out, as neutrally as possible, because obviously she wants people to know. So there. Amy Winehouse’s new rack. Behold. More here


Welcome to Atlanta.

peachesI don’t live in Atlanta, but I can only imagine that there’s many more Black folks that feel this way about the culture there. Although I would be lying if I said I wasn’t tired of DC being referred to as “Hollywood for ugly people”, however true that has proven to be in my personal experience. “The socialites, black Hollywood, fashion-oriented mind state that the city’s new occupants have is a real problem for Atlanta. More people know who Lisa Wu Hartwell is than Lisa Borders and that’s a piss poor shame.” – “The Real Problem with gAyTL” Killer Mike / XXL


Jay-Z continues to backpeddle on his “D.O.A.” intentions.

Most savvy artists are aware that if you precede a current trend with “death of” in order to create a song title, it will inspire not a little controversy. Jay-Z is one of the most savvy cats in Hip-Hop. He’s intelligent, charismatic, wealthy beyond all measure, yet continues to pussyfoot around the topic of his song “Death of Auto-Tune.” He likes to ignore the gravity of having a well-known figure in Hip-Hop take a hard position on a topic that has polarized fans of the music by saying things like “I didn’t know it’d be a cultural dispute.” Jay-Z, it was a cultural dispute before the song was released, so you can miss me with that nonsense. Also, “D.O.A.” wasn’t some gentle reminder that Hip-Hop needs to be more original, it was aggressive and confrontational, which is why so many people appreciated it. His continued passive-aggressiveness about his own song is exhausting.


“I really just wanted to send a message to rap; I didn’t know it’d be a cultural dispute. I really wanted to have the conversation, like “are we just going to sound like each other? Everyone’s going to sound the same? That’s what we’re gonna do? Don’t ya’ll know this is dangerous? And this is just how rock and roll got pushed from the forefront?” We did this to rock and roll. Everyone was doing the hair-band thing on MTV with the tight pants. They all had the big hair, just different colored tights. It just became about more of a look and a sound than the emotion of the music. And that’s what hip-hop’s becoming. It’s losing the emotion — you can’t have emotion in the robotic voice. I can’t feel anything! And then everyone sounds the same. I really wanted to have the conversation amongst us. And it went outside the culture.”


“Jay-Z on DJ Hero, ‘D.O.A.,’ and His Future Career As a Bar Mitzvah Performer” — Vulture


This H-Town/Jodeci shit is real.

I’ve been avoiding this song since I first found out about it, because I just knew it would sound a hot Newport mess. But they had to go and make a video for it. I couldn’t resist. This is my first time seeing and hearing this. And I am terrified.


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