Gorgeous (2016)

Todd Mosley—athletic, handsome, unfailingly kind—returns to Washington, DC after almost a decade to confront his father, who’s currently serving a life sentence. Instantly, Todd falls under the spell of Linc, a stylish and charming photographer who wants to include him in a photo series on Black male beauty. The attraction is mutual and their passion unyielding, but as they grow closer, a bitter ex and wounds from the past threaten to disrupt it all.

William Kendall is the full package—successful, sophisticated, and fine, but his ambition has put the brakes on romance. When he decides to focus on himself instead of his career, his life is upended by the return of his first love, who is married to someone else and wants William to rebuild their dream home.

As William finds himself performing a new juggling act, Todd discovers his personal demons have an unlikely source right at home. From boozy Downtown art exhibits to vineyard weddings in the Blue Ridge foothills, two friends explore new romances while trying to escape painful pasts and protect their darkest secrets.


What people are saying

“You’ll pick this up, & not want to put it down. And you’ll get to the very last page, wondering about each & every single character; because they were written to stay with you.”

“Romance, Secrets, Betrayal – Great read!”

“I felt like I knew all the characters personally, as if they were old friends… This book left me wanting more.”

“By the time you get to the end, you will love who you initially hated and hate who you loved.”

“Gorgeous held me captive from the moment I started reading it. I found myself stealing whatever moments I could to get a page in.”

“This page turner had me up into the late hours of the night. The author brilliantly illustrates the dynamics of relationships between the characters and forces them to confront their personal demons. Coupled with the unexpected climax, I found myself liking characters that I previously didn’t care for.”

“A character-driven, emotional story with an unbelievable twist… Great read!”



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