When I published Gorgeous in December I considered it a bucket list item and not a career move. Once people responded in such a positive way, it became apparent that I needed to take this seriously. So, I pulled my shit together and turned it into something with legitimate storefront appeal and competitive pricing. I also made some formatting corrections and additional copy edits to the text. The overall goal was to elevate this from a product people felt obligated to support to something everyone…Continue Reading “Hello, ‘Gorgeous’. Again.”

I’m not disparaging my work when I refer to it as “trash.” I use the term broadly and affectionately, often in reference to media that does not intend to have any educational, cultural or, in the case of books, literary value. Not having those ambitions doesn’t necessarily invalidate a work; everything has a function, and if it lives up to its intended function it can be considered a success. At a minimum, trash should be entertaining. One of the trashiest shows to air in 2016…Continue Reading “Trash is cathartic.”

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A portion of the feedback I’ve received about Gorgeous is how it captures DC, at least for its settings. The intent was never to write a book about DC so much as a book that happens to be set here, since the tone doesn’t strike me as strongly evocative of DC. It’s a tough place to pin down if you want to capture its culture in a narrative because it means different things to different people. It’s something my character Linc touched on, how there are so many different agendas brushing up against…Continue Reading “A ‘Gorgeous’ tour of DC.”

I’m not a great writer. I’m a capable writer who possesses enough self-doubt to know where to improve. Self-doubt, applied correctly, can work wonders. It’s what keeps you from accidentally poisoning your lover with under-cooked chicken or leaving the house with a gnarly booger hanging from your nose. It’s being able to check yourself periodically to ensure you aren’t making a mess and blithely presenting it to the rest of the world as “no fucks given.” You have to give a fuck or two. But…Continue Reading “It has always been my dream to write a bathroom book.”