A ‘Gorgeous’ tour of DC.

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A portion of the feedback I’ve received about Gorgeous is how it captures DC, at least for its settings. The intent was never to write a book about DC so much as a book that happens to be set here, since the tone doesn’t strike me as strongly evocative of DC. It’s a tough place to pin down if you want to capture its culture in a narrative because it means different things to different people. It’s something my character Linc touched on, how there are so many different agendas brushing up against each other in such tight conditions and some are drowning out others at an alarming rate. I’m developing ideas for stories where DC is much more of a character, but I wouldn’t expect the kind of verisimilitude achieved by someone like George Pelecanos.

Still, some readers who aren’t familiar with this place wanted to know more about it, so I came up with this tour of sorts to supplement how they visualized the story. Without giving away any sensitive plot details, here are some locations used throughout Gorgeous, primarily in DC. If you have read the book, they can be easily matched with key scenes.


Tidal Basin

Wale Oseni / Flickr


Capital Hill & Lincoln Park

Christine J. / Pinterest


Georgetown Waterfront Park

Friends of Georgetown Waterfront Park


Kogod Courtyard

Brightest Young Things


Lower Senate Park

American Society of Landscape Architects


Omni Shoreham

Omni Hotels & Resorts


Early Mountain Vineyards

Inspire Health


Various settings are loosely based on these restaurants and bars: Kinship DC (William’s consultation with Sidney and Cintra); The Bachelor’s Mill (Todd and Omar’s pool game); Jack Rose and Lost Society (both were used as inspiration for Prime).