Why I’ll never feel sorry for Black people who are accused of “acting white.”



nOva: any wild guesses why this article bugs me?
Tigger: fuck this entire article
nOva: ok i’m glad we’re on the same page
Tigger: here’s my thing about this article and about this topic – I don’t think this shit happens as much as niggas say.
nOva: THANK YOU. My other issue is, don’t be using Clarence Thomas in this context, because he’s “acted white” in ways that negatively IMPACT Black people
Tigger: 1. there have been studies that suggest this ONLY really happens in integrated settings where there is a strong incentive to assimilate, so in that context “acting white” is not about “that nigga can read,” it’s about “that nigga thinks he’s better because he’s in gifted classes with white folks”
nOva: yeh
Tigger: 2. i think this is also something that was, if anything, a phenomenon of that first generation after civil rights (of which Jonathan and Obama and ‘nem are a part). But in majority black neighborhoods this phenomenon doesn’t really happen. So…i think Obama’s being disingenuous here. And also…this notion that we have to give up our ways of being to be fully a part of America–fuck that. It’s NOT what the native american was asking you.
Tigger: and you are SO right about Thomas
nOva: my other issue is whenever people talk about this it’s always based anecdotally on something that happened in someone’s childhood. Most adults aren’t doing this
Tigger: right. My experience of this tracks with the research. From 0-13 i lived in all black neighborhoods and was in gifted programs. I was teased for being a bit of a recluse but never for “acting white.” 3-18 i was in a predominantly white area with a handful of blacks and some of the black folks initially thought i was “acting white” because i was in gifted classes, but … that changed immediately when i started getting targeted by the racist administration and i fought back.
nOva: I’m just so exhausted with this topic, because the people that say this has happened to them can’t really identify the negative impact that it’s had on their lives. It usually comes across as “lesser niggas are hating”
Tigger: RIGHT
nOva: which leads me to believe THEY are the ones conflating intelligence and success with whiteness more than their accusers
Tigger: the only niggas who talk about this are the very ones who you NEVER see with black folks
nOva: I’m just very suspicious of any Black person who is in a rush to believe the worst about Black people. If you are representative of the fact that we’re not monolithic then why are you feeding into this bullshit?
Tigger: RIGHT


HIM: it’s amazing to me that so many people can be writing about this interracial gay thing
HIM: and all be saying the same fuckin thing
HIM: but missing the actual point
ME: lol
HIM: it’s not about personal choice
HIM: it’s about a system choosing brothers who ain’t bout that life re: black people
HIM: i know systemic issues are harder to talk about
HIM: but NO one seems to even give passing mention of it
ME: I’m ready to put these basic gays behind us and enjoy our Black-ass love we got here.
HIM: real talk: that was the sweetest thing you’ve said to me since [redacted]
HIM: i’m so in

15 Things Black People Must Do In Order To End Racism



1. It is the responsibility of the Negro to reject any history of America that includes slavery. Reminding the Negro of slavery will cause him to resent all white people, even though slavery ended years ago. Slavery must not be regarded as American history, and must be retroactively deleted from history and removed from any curricula.


2. It is the responsibility of the Negro to stop saying “nigga”, “nigger” or any variation thereof. When Black people use the word nigger, they are responsible for its usage by white people. This is especially true for Black Hip Hop artists, that have given the word mainstream credibility. The Negro cannot complain about other races using this term if they insist upon using it themselves. If Black people stop, it will go away overnight.


3. It is the responsibility of the Negro to never acknowledge the existence of police brutality or racial profiling by law enforcement. The Negro must maintain the correct posture, articulation, appearance and professionalism as determined by whites, in order to avoid abuse and mistreatment by law enforcement. Law enforcement is only performing their assigned duties to keep the rest of us safe. There is no such thing as racial profiling.


4. It is the responsibility of the Negro to always dress in a respectable manner. The Negro must, at all times, dress professionally with impeccably pressed trousers and non-threatening white button down shirts. Ties are preferred. The Negro should try to avoid sneakers, sweats, baggy jeans, hoodies, or any other apparel that may constitute a thuggish, frightening appearance or suggest that he may be concealing a weapon or drugs. These types of clothing, however, are perfectly suitable for whites.


5. It is the responsibility of the Negro to discontinue the use of slang, “Ebonics,” African-American Vernacular English (AAVE) or any regional dialect/vocabulary that is not universally recognized and accepted by American whites. This language is confusing and frightening to white people, and they will not accept this language or respect the Negro if he speaks this way.


6. It is the responsibility of the Negro to uphold the tenets of equality by not supporting Black-only media or enterprises such as BET, The NAACP Image Awards, Essence and Ebony magazine, or any entertainment that directly targets and celebrates Black people or has the word “Black” in it. When the Negro creates his own entertainment and media spaces or participates in them, he is perpetuating the exclusion of white people and enforcing the kind of segregation he is so fond of bemoaning. At the same time, the Negro must not acknowledge any exclusion of Blacks from mainstream media and entertainment enterprises.


7. It is the responsibility of the Negro to maintain hairstyles that are acceptable to American whites. This means discontinuing hairstyles such as Afros, dreadlocks, braids, cornrows, Philly’s, multi-colored hair, and other styles that may directly or indirectly suggest any sort of regional trends or cultural pride. For tips on definitive, acceptable hairstyles, the Negro must consult the expertise of white people and go to great lengths to control the texture of their hair to the extent that it mirrors that of American whites.


8. It is the responsibility of the Negro to never purchase property in white neighborhoods. Black people can only ever be visitors, and may still be subjected to suspicion from white people. The Negro must understand and accept his position in America as a second class citizen and must politely cooperate when his presence is questioned by white people.


9. It is the responsibility of the Negro to name his child appropriately. Names like Ebony, Kenya, Keisha and especially names that are more than two syllables long are unprofessional and difficult to pronounce. Additionally, names like Ahmad, Khalil or Muhammed suggest collusion with terrorists. Names like Sarah, Madison, Amy and Scott are much more acceptable and will ensure that the Negro is able to find a job, but only if spelled correctly.


10. It is the responsibility of the Negro to always maintain a kind, deferential attitude, even when confronted with antagonistic and harassing behavior from American whites. Expressing any sort of discomfort towards a white person, or challenging his views is threatening and unacceptable. The Negro must avoid giving in to provocation by white people, because he may be turned over to law enforcement or lose his job.


11. It is the responsibility of the Negro to abstain from engagement in Black History Month. It is not necessary for the Negro to have the entire month of February to learn about the history of his ancestors or celebrate the historical accomplishments of people that look like him. This, however, may not be a guarantee that any history of African-Americans will be integrated into any teachings or historical accounts year-round, and the Negro must never challenge that.


12. It is the responsibility of the Negro to accept that depictions of Egyptians as fair-skinned is historically sound. It is unrealistic to believe that glamorous, regal and wealthy Egyptians possibly had dark skin, despite Egypt’s location in Africa.


13. It is the responsibility of the Negro to never seek solidarity with other people of color, including but not limited to Asians, Latinos, Arabs and Native Americans. These partnerships are a major threat to white people, and only serve to reinforce reverse-racism.


14. It is the responsibility of the Negro to not express any sort of pride. Terms like “Black Pride” and “Black Love” and “Black Is Beautiful” are threatening to whites, as well as exclusionary. Black Pride is just as dangerous and violent as white pride, and has historically made white Americans justifiably uncomfortable.


15. It is the responsibility of the Negro to acknowledge that racial slurs against white people, such as cracker, honkey, and white devil, perpetuate and reflect the historic disenfranchisement and oppression of white Americans. The power behind these words is very wounding to white people, and they are therefore unacceptable.


If the Negro wants to ensure the end of racism, he must follow these rules to the letter and it is guaranteed that racism will no longer exist. It is not necessary for American whites to make any changes or adjustments to their perception of race, culture or history, since matters of race do not affect them. The Negro must ensure that his behavior, dress, hair, and language meet the strict definitions of acceptability as defined by whites, and he must also be grateful that he is allowed to exist in this country with American whites. The Negro should graciously and quietly accept this as reality.




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